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About Us

Introduction and Overview


MAAL solves business problems in highly regulated & sensitive spaces.

Those spaces generally fall into three buckets: Drive Mission Efficiency, Maximize Human Potential, Foster Innovation.



We help Clients make money by making the world a better place.

Our performance track record demonstrates continuous improvement, improving sustainability and quality, all while reducing cost.

Credentials for results


MBAs, JDs, ISO, Red Team, FAA, DOD, NASA

 Guarantee: if we can’t improve your quality/costs, you don’t pay us. 

Drive Mission Efficiency



Audit Service

We assist the Federal Government, Individual Government, and Private entities

1) in efficient utilization of existing assets, 

2) to assist in cost effective disposal of assets where possible and where not 

3) assess lease and rental options.  

In all cases, to review energy, waste, water, and maintenance costs to provide recommendations on improved efficiency.

Program / Project Management Services


Whether complex program management process or efficiency analysis to simple effective and efficient facility usage, we help clients find the strategically relevant next move.


Many leaders know their desired move and just need help to execute their plan, and we're there to support them implement, iterate, and scale.

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Our Capabilities


Change Management / Managing through Change

  • Improve Mission Readiness While Reducing Operating Costs and Carbon Footprint
  • Improve Energy Efficiency, Improve Quality
  • Develop Operational Tradeoffs from Command Experience
  • Implement Total Quality Management (TQM) Continuous Improvement Processes

Perform Sustainability Assessments

  • Army Corp of Engineer
  • Facility Safety, Utilization and Efficiency 
  • Space Program / NASA Reliability / Efficiency 

Human and Software interfacing

  • FORTUNE 500-caliber Sustainability Program
  • Metering Water, Waste, and Energy 
  • User Friendly Monitoring Dashboard to Drive Action

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Demonstrated Past Performance Success


Case Studies

Test Facility

Before: 50% spent, 20% complete

After: On cost, On schedule

DOD Jet Engines

Before: Noise complaints

After: More quiet, efficient, and powerful

Foodservice programs

Before: Complex facilities issues

After: Consistent improvements


"Our teams love working with you." -VP Sustainability of a FTSE 100 Company

"You laid out the risks to my margins so clearly and I see how more money we can bring in with these few actions, thank you!" -General Manager of a local Business Unit

"I had a number of participants comment on the ideas you provided could be accomplished on their campuses. It also provided me a number of follow up ideas for each campus." -Hospitality Consultant

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Maximize Human Potential

Target Audiences

Procurement Teams

People Operations


Find lower cost, higher profit margin ways to source talent across your supply chain that upend forced labor in all its forms by 2030.

Listening Tour

Have an insight on why better business is not the norm?  Let us know!

We're on a listening tour to find the unmet need to flip the economic models around: making it easy and profitable to do good, as well as hard and costly to do wrong.

Key Terms

From Modern Slavery, Indentured Servitude, Forced Labor, Debt Bondage, Human Trafficking, and Trafficking in Persons; all the way to Productivity and High Performance

Foster Innovation

Accelerating For-Profit & Government

We coach Innovators and their Teams in existing organizations through establishing a sustainable venture.

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Accelerating Entrepreneurs & Incubators

We support Start-ups and Incubators to find their niche, start, and remain sustainable.

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Accelerating Not-for-Profit status

We help the Access to Justice community efficiently file their Application to become a 501(c)3 with the IRS.

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"Through your identification of key areas of opportunity we were able to achieve three global sustainability awards with our client over the past 5 years of our contract." - Contract Champion for a FORTUNE 100 Contract

"You've helped us hone in on the service we need to provide in order to fulfill our mandate as well as how to talk about it" - Executive Director of an Agency


 "I appreciate our conversations, you're getting me to think about things I would never have considered when mapping out the starting of my venture." -CEO of a tech startup 

"You're focused on all of the right areas, those are the points we're trying to figure out." -Executive Director of two prior programs

"I'm so glad that your group is involved with our Incubators." -Board Member of a trade group


"Helped us overcome in weeks a hurdle that had prevented our fundraising for months." -Judge and Founder of a new A2J effort

"This was our roadblock.  We could not raise funds till we moved forward.  When asked what I would have paid for their help, I answer whatever they would've charged!" -Executive Dir. of a new A2J effort

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MAAL Associates, LLC

PO Box 2631, Loveland, CO 80539, USA

(201) 822-5158

Our Details

a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB)

U.S. V.A. certified a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB)

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DUNS:  129824454

CAGE:  6U3Q7

SIN:  874 1



5416, 54161, 541611, 56121, 541618, 541690, 541330, 611430


R408, R410, R799, R707, F999, R499, R425, R704, R406

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